INSTÄLLT! Tim Vantol

Datum: Ons 25/08 2010
Kostnad: 70 Riksdaler

Tyvärr har Tim Vantol tvingats ställa in sin konsert pga sjukdom. Annars hade det blivit så här kul:

Finbesök av holländska enmannabandet Tim Vantool på vår sommarscen i restaurangen. Konserten startar runt 23-tiden.

Playing in various punkrock and hardcore bands Tim toughened up a bit, but during soundchecks you could often catch him singing them sing along accoustic songs.
How deep those songs went became obvious when he started to write his own accoustic music.
They seem to be drenched in the familiar smell of morning breath still dieing from last night’s whiskey and really, it never smelled this good.
Showing off his urge to be living life just a little bit more than we have been doing lately and a restlessness that makes today’s youth look like a bunch of old men playing dominoes in the park, here’s a guy who’ll put it in the face of anyone willing to listen.

En färsk intervju – översatt till svenska finner du här:

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