The Rumours (DE)

Datum: Fre 30/07 2010
Kostnad: 100 Riksdaler

Tyska New-Yorkpoppare bjuder upp till dans! Konsert ca 23.30.

By listening to THE RUMOURS, one begins to wonder how these young lads from Dinslaken (Germany) manage to combine nervous energy with absolute laxity to such an extent, that you imagine multicoloured explosions dancing across the sky above them (and you).
At the latest when you meet them in person, you realize: They radiate lifestyle and stand for authenticity. Mates having their own opinions, charming free thinkers, amiably chaotic fellows with tons of absurd stories to tell. Four friends who not only live but actually play Rock´n´Roll music.

Dj’s vid dansbanan är Simeon och Björn, som kommer att fyra av en lång rad kända och okända pophits från sextiotal och framåt!