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Datum: Fre 27/11 2009
Kostnad: 100 Riksdaler

Kom och var med när fantastiska isländska postrocksbandet Mammút gör sin enda spelning i Sverige under vinterns stora Europaturé! Final Days Society agerar support.

MAMMÚT is a band from Reykjavik, Iceland consisting of three girls and two boys aged eighteen and nineteen. In 2004, three months after forming, Mammút won the annual battle of the bands (Músiktilraunir) competition in Iceland . This has been the springboard for some of the most promising bands and artists in Iceland. Since then Mammút have been playing gigs all over Iceland and Europe ,including supports with Belgian art rockers dEUS. Their music has developed in to something quite unique; distinctive vocals and angular guitars held together by brilliant melodic bass and innovative drums.

Mammút have attracted international attention from Rolling Stone journalist Dave Fricke who called them “a really good band”, Music Week(UK) who named them as “a band to watch for the future”, and the respected website, which described the band as “Incredible”. Mammút’s eponymous debut album was released in Iceland in spring 2006 on Smekkleysa (BadTaste) the label founded by The Sugarcubes and one-time home to Björk and Sigur Rós.

After a little brake from the spotlight, writing and recording, Mammút is now armed with a new bassplayer, new label and a new album, Karkari! Karkari was released the 26th of August 2008. Including the hit singles “Svefnsýkt” and “Geimþrá” which have gotten great response on national radio stations in Iceland.

_“The group is a powerhouse on stage, delivering series of searing post-punk songs that were terrifically fractured and neurotic. Guitarists Arnar and Alexandra deliver notes in tight clusters, and the songs stike like stabs to the chest. Vocalist Kata is just as agressive: her voice is a miracle, a collection of tics and gasps and shrieks that injects the songs with the proper sense of panic. Their set was a series of well-timed thrills, breathless and invigorating” – J. Edward Keyes, The Reykjavik Grapevine, Airwaves ‘08 review._ – 5/6 “One of the best albums of the year and maybe one of the best rock albums ever released in Iceland”

Lokalproducerad finfin postrockspop i samma skola som gästerna från Ishavet bjuder Final Days Society tidigare på kvällen.

Dj De Kallar Honom Smörjan spelar passande pop och rockmusik av både nytt och gammalt fabrikat. Framåt natten kommer han dock smyga in både soul, hiphop och även en dansbandsklassiker om jag känner honom rätt.

I baren en våning upp Bjuder Nils d.y. och Jens sina finaste singer-songwriter/folkrock/hippielåtar från dj-mixern.



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