Hiphopnajt! Maitre (USA) + Prospherous

Datum: Fre 17/07 2009
Kostnad: 100 Riksdaler

2 riktigt feta rappare, (utrikes/utsocknes) bjuder varsitt set till dj.

Nu har jag semester, och tänker inte lägga min kraft på att översätta texter. Men det kan säkert din mamma eller sonson eller annan i hushållet.

_Combining classic party rocking hip hop with socially critical and poignantly
introspective lyrics, LA’s Matre [mätrei] has established himself as one of hip hop’s premier artists to check for. Over the past twelve plus years Matre has lit up crowds throughout the U.S., Western Canada and Brazil, sharing stages with rap greats ranging from Public Enemy to Acey Alone, The Black Eyed Peas to Tha Alkaholiks._
A member of renowned hip hop collective LA2TheBay and LA super-group The League, and a long-time presence in LA’s underground scene, Matre has recorded with Prince Po (Organized Konfusion), Key Kool (The Visionaries) and Pigeon John, as well as frequent collaborations with LA2theBay cohorts, 2Mex, Xololanxinxo, Bus Driver and The Shape Shifters, among others.

Prospherous: Born and raised in Karlskrona. Now lives in Gothenburg. Back again with his second release this year on b.e.a.r. records, the new solo ep is called MOUTHMANNERS and will be availible by the end of summer 2009!! This is the deviationist that built his own kingdom of psychedelic fusion influences, sounds turned backwards and a voice of flowing electricity. Still, it’s as classic as it gets, beats and lyrics. With a poetic, introspective and freeform sounding style raising eyebrows and roofs, he is a living symbol of originality and a human form of a middle finger in the air. Working with emcees and producers in Sweden and abroad his name even travels under water, amphibian style. Prosperous with his new group ORTHO ACUSTO is now part of the massive LA based crew called briefcaserockers. This crew will blow up nucleus style as we speak!

Dj’s mr T och Max spelar hiphop som får dej att sväva!