Johnny and the Roccos

Datum: Fre 26/06 2009
Kostnad: 100 Riksdaler

Läs följande text på engelska (gärna med skotsk accent), och kom för att uppleva denna 37 år gamla rockabillyakt från en småstad i södra skottland.

JOHNNY AND THE ROCCOS is a band that knows their stuff inside out – accordingly high is the “marking line” for their musical quality. Bob Fish, born in a small town in the south of Scotland, is the head and frontman of this classic trio. He grew up with this kind of music in the 50’s and learned his trade – to play the guitar – starting from the bottom. When only 13 years old, he had his first band, with 15 the first TV-show. In the 60’s he toured with his Skiffle-band and ran his own folk-club where he booked well-known bands. But the biggest influence of them all and the “red thread” of his career was and still is the music of the 1950’s: Rock’n’Roll, Country, Blues.

As early as 1972 Bob Fish founded that band that made his name famous in the music scene of Europe. He named the group JOHNNY AND THE ROCCOS. As a classic trio this band was to become one of the most successful of that kind of music in Europe. Bob Fish developed into the guitarist, who US-musicians requested to have in their backing-band whilst on tour in Europe. Charlie Gracie once said: “I wish I had them with me in the early days” and Billy Lee Riley agreed: “I could have used these guys at SUN”. Such compliments don’t come out of the blue.

With musical perfection and partly original 50’s-equipment Bob Fish has created a sound, that could not be any more powerful and stunning. His guitar technique has gained him the reputation of a guitar wizard as his style of playing sometimes is close to witchcraft. For about 20 years Bob Fish plays the original Gibson-guitar that was once owned by Scotty Moore – Elvis Presley’s guitar player who recorded with him in the 50’s for SUN Records in Memphis/ Tennessee on the songs that made Presley famous!

Fenomenets bästa hemsida är tysk, kolla in den här:

På scen runt 23.

Dj Karla spelar en alldeles underbart otrendig och dansant mix av Rock n´roll, pop, dansband, gammalschlager och annat.

Ute på verandan sitter Markus och Helena vid mixern och bjuder elektrisk indiepop med oelektrisk indiepop.