Gordito & Lebowski

Datum: Fre 22/08 2008
Kostnad: 80 Riksdaler

Två goa gubbar frön Närke spisar loss i källaren denna kväll, eller översatt till utländska:

“With relentless love for dance music and a super eclectic approach towards DJ- ing, Gordito/Lebowski set out on a musical odyssey in search for the perfect beat.
Consisting of Jonas “Lebowski” Källgren and Hasan “Gordito” Ramic, Gordito/Lebowski sounds like a ridiculous idea. One a post-rock crazed indie kid and the other a Bosnian wigger, they make an odd couple in the booth.
But don’t be fooled by appearances, Gordito/Lebowski have found a middle passage in their common love for Prince-like falsettos, funky house beats, distorted basslines and good times on the dancefloor.
Going after the A-Good-Song-Is-A-Good-Song credo, and without the pressure of being the first with the latest or youngest and hippest, Gordito/Lebowski are confident enough to rock any party. Be it a new rave competition for the most amount of glowsticks in the motuh, or just a couple of Swedish blondes looking to shake their booty to something funky, they are there to turn out the function.
Blazing the trail from the dullness of Örebro to a dancefloor near you.”


He-Lena och bara Lena poppar samtidigt loss på Verandan.