Datum: Lör 23/08 2008
Kostnad: 100 Riksdaler

Har tyvärr fått förhinder och ställt in spelningen hos oss.

The notorious rock’n’roll bastards the Scrags has since their formation in 2003 earned quite some live experience for a yet unsigned act. They’ve played 7 shows in New York, 4 nights in London, the Hulstfred- and Arvika Festivals, as well as small towns as Gimo, Timrå, Hofors, Årjäng and god knows where. They’re destined to spit on your stage, crash your party and shower you in hugs and kisses.

“Skamlöst underhållande” / “Shamelessly entertaining”
Mattias Dahlström, Dagens Nyheter

“Beroendeframkallande buller” / “Addictive noise”
Håkan Persson, P3 ROCK