Side Effectz + Mercies May

Datum: Lör 31/05 2008
Kostnad: 100 Riksdaler kan du läsa texten:

Creeping out the dark woods of Småland, Växjö City to be exact, it’s Side Effectz… The group consists of Linkan on the microphone & Juancan on rhymes & production. After talking a lot of shit but doing nothing we finally got our asses off the couch to put in some work. The first track we recorded as a group was ‘Aire’, a tribute to a friend who passed away in the summer of 2005 (R.I.P Slick Rickard). In the winter of 2006 we put up a recording booth, The Infamous Fart Chamber, at Juancan’s crib (Big up to Johnny for the construction). Since then we’ve been in there working on the album. Due to computer breakdowns, drinking and general lazyness it’s been taking some time to get it together but in May.12 we released it by our selves. So hurry up and buy! If you want your own copy of the CD contact us at and wait for further instructions. We’re now working on an EP produced by Akopalips that will be released on the internet later this year. Our website will also soon be ready for you with updates, music, pictures and much more. Stay tuned for more from us… Peace AOTS.

Denna kväll bjuds liveakt både med växjöduon Side Effectz och dj Akopalips samt Mercies May från indianapolis, USA.

Dj är mr T (hiphop, soul, pop mm)