Sköna Söndag: Brendan Lewes (DE)

Datum: Sön 23/09 2018
Kostnad: 0 Riksdaler

Fri entré och konsert uppe i vårt vardagsrum!

20: Brendan Lewes (DE)
Having played over 250 gigs across Germany and sold over 2000 CDs from his backpack over the last 3 years, Brendan is an accomplished live performer full of energy and soul, yet always laid back and composed. His inherent acoustic folk style helped him win Hamburg’s Kampf Der Kuenste’s Song Slam Final 2017, as well as gifting him a hectic touring schedule across Northern Germany, from Irish Pubs to 17th century Smokehouses.

Recorded in an old 17th century Fort North of Kiel. The Four song EP provides a folk rock sound, attempting to fuse together the influences of such greats as Bob Dylan, Credence Clearwater Revival and Clapton. The aim was a more “home recorded” product by recording the EP in the part time studio Fortsound. With Tobias providing tones more familiar to 60’s rock, with a style heavily based on an incredible bluesy feel. The backing vocals follow the diversity in the EP, with some intricate moments and some more powerful parts, but always giving great depth and harmonies to the compositions.

21-00: Vinyl dj: Mr Croall
Niclas Croall will top the night with a laid back vinyl dj-set!