Casual Sunday: Tilen (SVN)

Datum: Sön 22/04 2018
Kostnad: 0 Riksdaler

Welcome to the slowest club in town – Casual Sunday! Low key acoustic music, student discounts, free entrance and laid back atmosphere offered all day!

Our crafts-bar “Slöjd de luxe” starts at 3pm, more info here

8pm: Tilen (SVN)
Slovenian Tilen has been a street musician for the last nine years. He plays the Peruvian flute called Quenna which is known for it’s meditative and ambiental sound. “It’s only my own music I play, I do not copy, and im a self tought musician.”
At the age of 24 Tilen took his flute, which he had got as a gift, and set of for the streets back in Slovenia. At this time he could only play one simple melody. With persistancy and care during nine years he turned into the unique musician he is today.
“I am very happy that Kafé de luxe opened the door for me to perform, and look forward to so see you soon, love.”

Hopefully we will end the night with some amazing dj by the bar. Let us know if you wanna play!

Warm welcome!