Fika på svenska: Lalitha & Nandini (IN)

Datum: Mån 23/04 2018
Kostnad: 0 Riksdaler

Efter förra årets magiska besök välkomnar vi glatt åter indiska virtuosa duon Lalitha & Nandini! I kombination med musiken hålls sedvanliga språkkafét Fika på Svenska igång med start kl 18.

Fri entré! Musik på scen kl 19!

Lalitha & Nandini (IN)
Internationally acclaimed Violin Maestros Dr. M. LALITHA and M. NANDINI have been widely applauded as the “queens of violin” (Weekend), of the present generation. Popularly known as the ‘VIOLIN SISTERS’, these outstanding musicians have enthralled the audiences with their spell binding music.

Hailing from an illustrious family of musicians, Lalitha and Nandini have the privilege of being the fourth generation of musicians in their family. To quote the renowned music critic Subbudu; “Music runs in their blood, they must have played music even when they were in their mother’s womb.” Lalitha and Nandini are the torch bearers of a unique musical tradition but yet have evolved a distinct style of their own.

With a career extending over three decades LALITHA and NANDINI are regarded as highly imaginative virtuoso Violinists with immaculate bowing along with dexterous fingering techniques. With their irresistible urge for perfection they have revolutionized the violin playing technique to great heights. As Cultural ambassadors of India’s rich musical heritage, Lalitha and Nandini have traversed the four corners of the globe, spreading the message of global harmony through music.