Slöjd de luxe: Milk carton wallets

Datum: Sön 11/03 2018
Kostnad: 0 Riksdaler

Slöjd de luxe is back to bring us new hand craft skills, friends and a great atmosphere! Starting at 3 pm.

Since it’s the first Slöjd of the season home-made fika will be provided for FREE for anyone taking part! Note that the number of seats will be limited.

Free entrance & 20% student discounts all day!

Today Madlen will come by and teach us her inspiring way to make a wallet out of a milk carton!

Madlen is studying cultural management with an art profile at LNU. For a couple of years she’s been carrying a wallet she’s made herself and it’s been catching the eye of everyone from store staff to her own family and at Madlen’s Slöjd Deluxe workshop she will teach us how to make a wallet like hers – a simple, smart and nice-looking wallet… from old milk cartons! These wallets are a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative created from something seen as trash by many.

Madlen will bring a number of milk/yoghurt/soy milk cartons and there will also be a couple of juice cartons available but if there is a carton you think has a specifically nice print, feel free to bring that along to the workshop. Just make sure you clean it first!

An event in cooperation with Hemslöjden Kronoberg