Afro-Disco de luxe: Dj Afana feat. Sonko Rhythms NEW!

Datum: Lör 19/12 2015
Kostnad: 100 Riksdaler

Afro-Disco de luxe is back to provide a sweaty night of the best african rhythms and grooves! Don’t miss this out!

6-10: Afro-Disco Warm Up
Free entrance until 10pm! We open the basement at 6pm to offer you HAPPY HOUR food and drink’s.

9-12: Warm up dj set: Selecta Hecta’ & Mellow Marty
The palest africans in the block will get the party started with old school afro beat, reggae, afro funk, ethiopian jazz and more. Prepare for the grooviest sounds from the sixties and seventies mixed with a bunch of rare tunes of todays african underground scene!

12-03: Dj Afana

Ghanian dj/mc/artist/producer/song writer Afana with experince from a great number of dj-sets on a number of Cyprus night clubs, for example the River Reggae Club in Ayia Napa where he also has been the resident DJ. Lately he has played several clubs in Sweden and also Latvia. So prepare for a blast of Afrobeats, Hip Hop, Dancehall and afro house! Get going with the following mix made by Afana just for de luxe tonight:

Groovy Party Warm Up by Dj Afana on Mixcloud

From time to time during the night live drums will be added by Sonko Rhythms mr Djembe himself!

Gräddhyllans Vinylbar: Emma från Ön
Från den långa ön i havet kommer musikälskaren Emma för att servera oss vågornas rytmer och saltstänkta toner. Rock av följande slag: folk, garage, psyk & kraut blandas med influenser i stunden. Med artister från Can till Edith Piaf, Victor Jara till The Seeds, Django Reinhardt till Patti Smith kan man ana något av en Woodstocksfestival i microformat!

Bar de luxe: Friday I’m in love
Runt 11-snåret intar Lois & Moa dj-bordet uppe vid baren för att bjuda oss en rejäl kyss av gammal rock ‘n’ roll, varvat med lite funk & gamla soulklassiker.

Next Afro-Disco is planned to the 12th of february and will offer amazing live acts as well as the best of dj’s! Mark the date in your calendars!

Välkomna! Welcome! Kuwakaribisha!