Bubbelklubben Rock: Vidunder NYBOKAT!

Datum: Tor 12/11 2015
Kostnad: 80 Riksdaler

20: Doors
20-22: Bubbelkrubb Happy Hour on food and drinks
21: Entrance fee 80 SEK
22: Vidunder on stage

Vidunder is a bluesy rock band with a touch of garage, influenced by the music from the 60’s and the 70’s. The band teamed up with Crusher Records and released their self-titled debut album in 2013; an album praised by numerous major magazines, press and fans. After several tours over Europe it was definitely about time… A new killer album was released earlier this year: Oracles And Prophets! Get it on vinyl directly from the band on this magic night!

Meanwhile warm your ears and souls with this classic Vidunder song:

Dj: Herr Herrlin

John Herrlin is one of the enthusiasts behind local yet secret psych rock festival Fest i Logen that has hosted amazing rockbands such as Amon Düül II, Ragnarök and Den Stora Vilan. This night, starting from 9 pm he will provide us with a soundtrack of alternative psychedelic rock music. Songs from the beginning of the psych era, in the late sixties, to contemporary artists hailing the classical warm rock sound.