Sköna Söndag: Death Polka (US) & Clint Westwood (US)

Datum: Sön 08/11 2015
Kostnad: 0 Riksdaler

Sköna Söndag är här igen, med fri entré, härligt tillbakalutad stämning och studentrabatt aftonen ut. Denna afton med amerikansk dödspolka och mörk folkmusik i två set. Ett lågmält sådant vid 20 och ett med extra drag klockan 21 (EJ kl 21 resp. 22 som här tidigare stod). Mer information om kvällens underhållning presenteras nedan på internationellt manér!

In 2009, Ando Ehlers started the “Death Polka” project with his accordion after the breakup of his previous punk band. From the basements of Milwaukee Wisconsin, Ando traveled to Seattle Washington in 2011, and eventually became a full time traveling accordion player in 2012.

Performing anywhere from four to six months per year, Death Polka has made itself known throughout the US for its energetic show, dark lyrics, and hilarious puppets. Comedy sings loud at an Ando Ehlers set, with banter constantly flying between the audience and stage. There have been singalongs, dance competitions, and conga lines from Seattle WA, to San Diego CA, to Lake Worth FL. Ando Ehlers is not only limited to playing his music, either. He has recorded with such bands as the Shivering Denizens, the .357 String Band, Highlonesome, and the Ditch Runners.

Clint Westwood is a veteran performer/song writer from the San Francisco Bay Area widely known for his career in the Whiskey Avengers. Since 2012 he has pursued his own brand of outlaw folk music including three solo album releases. With over a decade of playing punk, ska, and underground hiphop he pulls no punches on the banjo, upright bass, guitar and accordion, seamlessly lacing them with catchy booze-drenched anthems about the darker side American life.

Now Ando & Clint set out for Europe with a full band via Rootstown Bookings in Belgium. On this tour, they plan to break any distance that the Atlantic Ocean makes us feel with laughter and dancing. Don’t miss your chance to see a Death Polka show, you won’t find anything else like it!