Bubbelbaren El: Tekitåh Parties

Datum: Tor 08/10 2015
Kostnad: 0 Riksdaler

Upstairs this night. 22-01. Free entrance!

From this night and on thursdays we have “Bubbelklubben” (club downstairs) on every even week and “Bubbelbaren” (bar dj upstairs) on odd week numbers. In general we will – like this night – have free entrance on Bubbelbaren, while a minor sum of sek will be needed to visit Bubbelklubben.

Tekitåh Parties is a club-concept originally based in Osaka, Japan founded by Växjö’s music lover Martin Nilsson.

This night Martin will go deep into electronic yet soft music. From vinyl records only he will feed our souls with electronic rhythmns such as dub and bass deep as the sea.

Student discounts!