Ruby Dee and the Snakehandlers (US) OBS! ÄNDRAD SPELTID

Datum: Ons 09/09 2015
Kostnad: 80 Riksdaler

80 kr. Dörrar kl 21, på scen kl 21.30, 2 set. Öppet till kl 01.

Dj Auktionsmästarn spelar rockiga plattor kvällen lång! Amerikansk musik från såväl förr som nu.

Ruby Dee and the Snakehandlers
Music lovers the world over continue to learn about this band that’s earned a nationwide following and international fans with its honest, original music fused with synergy, sugar, sweat and soul.

The 10-year-old four-piece combo plays an Americana that encompasses Texas honky-tonk, Bakersfield twang, Memphis rockabilly, Western swing and good old-fashioned rock ’n’ roll.

After nearly constant touring for the past ten years, including 800-plus dates across America and Europe, songs from the band’s fourth album, MILES FROM HOME (Dionysus Records, June 2008; produced by Conrad Uno).

The music has gotten a hold on audiences near and far: a combination of Ruby’s singing and songwriting, wrought from her childhood spent between the no-longer-wild foothills of Northern California and the long straight roads around Big Spring, Texas; her time escaping to South America, driving a truck, working Alaskan fishing boats and more …

Lär känna bandet närmare på, men framför allt på plats hos oss denna ljuva rockafton. Välkomna!