The Surfin' Birds (UK) ▀

Datum: Lör 29/06 2013
Kostnad: 100 Riksdaler

Denn kväll har vi äran att presentera en brittisk grupp som spelar surf-rock n’ roll som på den gamla goda tiden! Konsert i två set från kl 22.30. Entré 100 kr från 22.

‘The Surfin Birds’ began life at the end of 2010 by the Sharod brothers, Paul (guitar/vocals) and Liam (drums). Paul and Liam share a mutual passion of garage/surf and rock from the 60’s through to modern music, and so the collaboration between the two was a natural development.

2012 started well for the band, branching out of their local territories and gaining support from further afield. They began making a name for themselves playing hotrod shows and supporting acts such as ‘Jack Rabbit Slim’, Wanda Jackson, members of ‘The Specials’, The Caezars’ and ‘Jake Allen’ amongst others.

‘The Surfin’ Birds’ up and coming projects promise to be an exciting new sound and a long-awaited addition to the British music scene. Ambassador Records will be releasing the album in 2013 but until then, be sure to catch them as their electrifying gigs are worth not missing!

Foton: André Larsson