Sköna Söndag: Sorry Gilberto (DE)

Datum: Sön 07/04 2013
Kostnad: 0 Riksdaler

Konsert på ovanvåningen i två set, kl 17 + 20. Fri entré!

Denna kväll med utrikes finbesök i form av en Berlin-duo, nedan beskriven i äkta utrikisk skrift!

Sorry Gilberto are Anne von Keller and Jakob Dobers from Berlin. They have travelled Europe since 2007 and played themselves through clubs, theatres, bars, roofs and livingrooms. They like instruments which fit in small cars, such as Ukulele, Casio-Keyboard and Glockenspiel.
“Construction Work & Stormy Weather” is their third album. The first one was called “Memory Oh” and the second one “it was the longest day and we didn’t know how to end it”.
Sorry Gilberto write simple songs with complicated lyrics. For the new album, they used an old rythm-machine twice. It’s called ace-tone and they are proud of having it. Jakob Diehl did String-Arrangements for two other songs. But you know, its still not big stage-production. Its more like imagening a big stage on a small stage. Or as they sing in “Part Of Me”:
-Oh life, the longer you have it, the stranger it gets.
Sorry Gilberto are missing the Moldy Peaches. And they hug Jonathan Richman. Some might call it Anti-Folk. We call it Singalong in the Tower of Song. Welcome to Kafé de luxe this big night and you might find another suitable name for it!

Sorry Gilberto har för många år sedan besökt Kafé de luxe. Då spelade de i vinkällaren – vid denna tid benämnd kungasalen. Så om du känner igen de finurliga låtarna var du förmodligen en av de 17 personer som trängdes i lokalen just den onsdagen för nästan exakt fem år sedan.