Fest i krogen: Death Hawks (Fin)

Datum: Ons 23/01 2013
Kostnad: 80 Riksdaler

Entré 80 kr till båda våningarna från kl 21.

Fest i Krogen återuppstår efter en tid i höstide. Finskt psykedeliskt rockbesök!

“Don’t try to find any dubstep influences in the music of Death Hawks. This Finnish band reaches back to the best of the music of the seventies. Someone mentioned the Tony Iommi school of ominous riffage. If so, they have graduated as the best kids in the class. And later moved on for further study to obtain surprise and variety. You can hear a trombone passing by on their debut album Death & Decay for instance. Just as well as the storm can come up in their music sometimes it can feel like a warm summer breeze. They have got the best out of all worlds and times.”

“Imagine a wide open plain with wild horses running off in the distance. Jim Morrison is settling down to masturbate (Not for want of female attention–the ladies are still crazy for him–but just because he wants to).
A few yards back is a young Ozzy Osbourne, watching. Suddenly a child appears on the steps of the nearest black baptist church: This child is Death Hawks.”


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