It's A Musical + To All My Friends

Datum: Fre 17/02 2012
Kostnad: 100 Riksdaler

Två skivsläppande tvåhövdade popband från lilla trevliga bokningsbolaget “Evil Ace” kommer till oss denna fredag.

I väntan på att jag ska få min examen i svenska för nybörjare lägger jag här tvenne texter på utrikiska:

To All My Friends, kl 22.30
Roadkill, cowboys and mountains are some of the things swedish indiefolkpopduo To All My Friends sing about. Accompanied by instruments such as banjo, autoharp, accordion, melodica and guitar they mold beautiful tunes in the storytelling tradition of american folk music and turn it into something of their own, right here and right now. The journey of To All My Friends began somewhere in the southern parts of Sweden when band members Frida Alkestrand and Tove Möller got to know each other through the feminist activist group Radical Cheerleaders, but didn’t take form until 2008 when they both found themselves in the city Berlin and started writing songs together. In the summer of 2010 the self titled debut album was released, and since then To All My Friends have made hands clap and hearts melt throughout Sweden and Europe in a seemingly never ending stream of gigs. On valentine’s day, february 14th 2012, they release their second album ”Ride With Me”. During a few stormy, winter weekends 2011/2012 Tove and Frida have taken the train up and down and back and forth to Gothenburg to record this album. And perhaps tried to keep the feeling of being on the road.

It’s A Musical, kl 23.30
Ella Blixt (also known as solo artist Bobby Baby) and Robert Kretzschmar are Berlin based indiepopduo It’s A Musical. With instruments like organ, drums, bass pedal, pads, xylofon and other miscellaneous sounds, and of course their voices constantly intertwined in beautiful harmonies, they deliver a full orchestra’s worth of sweet pop tunes. First album ”The Music Makes Me Sick” was released in 2008, on march 16 2012 they release their anticipated follow up ”For Years And Years” and will do an exclusive pre-release tour in Sweden in february where the new album will be available for purchase.

DJ-duon Simeon och Björn, smått beryktade från popbandet Frankie Lee’s, och Simeon Hillert and His Electric Band – som firar skivrelease kommande helg. De båda pågarna kan konsten att blanda trendigt med otrendigt, gammalt och nytt. Med en mix av rock, pop och electro får de dej att dansa som ett skållat troll över parketten. Och det gillar dina danspartners, vill vi lova!

Uppe i baren blir det mer hårdkokt stämning när musik- och flyttkarlsprofilerna Svenne Klang & Son mixar loss bland gamla goda rockbitar. Allt ifrån Ulf Lundell till Judas Priest kan man vänta sig.

En magisk kväll – Välkomna!